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Why is it necessary to oppose cartoon films made on Sikh history ?

At present, Sikhs living in different corners of the world are protesting against the coming cartoon film (Animation Movie) Dastan-e-Sirhind based on the martyrdom of Chhota Sahibzada. A large section of Sikhs have a question as to how it is wrong to propagate Sikh history in a modern way.

1. According to Sikh traditions, it is strictly forbidden to make images of Guru Sahibs, Guru K Mahals, great Gur Sikhs and martyrs or to present them through a veil. During the Guru period, there were no films, but painting or sculpture existed. There is no mention of any such incident in Sikh history when a devout Sikh or anyone else worshiped the Gurus by making a picture or idol. Not even a picture of a Gursikh was made. Through Gurbai, the Gurus have replaced the worldly image of Karta through 'Akal Murti'. Famine is the form of famine. So idolatry has no place in Sikhism. 2. The lives of great Gursikhs and martyrs are colored in spirituality. Their way of life is higher than that of ordinary people. Their actions and every movement of the body is separate and spiritual. Therefore, imitating their speech, physical movements and actions is a great sin because the life of the imitator can never understand or express their high state. 3. In other sects there is a tradition of Jhakki and Ras Lilavan, but in Gurmati there is Sakhi tradition instead of Jhakki. Sikh history and doctrines are propagated and disseminated in Gurmati through Sakhi Vikhyan, Dhadi Wars and Kavishri. This method of preaching has been going on continuously for the last four to five centuries, which is very effective and correct. Cartoon films are a form of tableau tradition. At the same time, it is a new type of embodiment of Sikh personalities, which is probably not correct and according to Gurmat. 4. It is argued by some parties in favor of films that films are very important for the propagation of Sikhi and children accept their special influence. In favor of films, they are oblivious to the fact that the child has to acquire Sikhi not through films but through lullabies from the elders of the house. A child's mind is soft and white. Whatever you inculcate once in a child's mind goes a long way. Second, the level of understanding increases with age. Through the film, the image of a personality engraved on the child's mind is limited. Having a soft mind, the child can never think beyond that scope. This means that the film puts a ban on the imagination of the child's mind..

5. The effect produced through the veil is very subtle. The film creates an emotional twist by manipulating the viewer's mind. The audience is involved in this process. His emotional mind is lost only after a few moments of watching the film. So the effect of the film is short-lived. So, this method of propaganda is not reasonable because it is not effective for a long time.6. Making films is an issue associated with today's commercialization. Film makers can also distort the facts of Sikh history to popularize the film. Their purpose is only to make money and not to present true and accurate events. Thus the filmisation of Sikh history is irrelevant. 7. The Sikh parties had protested against 'Nanak Shah Fakir' and other cartoon films on a large scale, due to which those films could not be released. It is not understood that there are such people and forces that are willing to manipulate the sentiments of the Sikhs again and again. The main organizations of the Sikhs and the Akal Takht should come forward and crack down on such people who do not stop their actions.

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