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  • Gurpreet Singh

Wave Monger

Updated: May 18, 2021

Ab Tum Hi Ho, Ab Tum Hi Ho..

I heard the above lines, as I sat down at the tea stall coming out from the college campus. Went into a trance as I saw the falling rain drops in the sunlight. It was like God doing his magic pouring life into the earth for it to sprout his vegetation. Completing the beautiful life cycle process. Aape Maar Jiwale…was the rhythm that rang in my head.

I gazed into the trees with green umbrage behind them. Thick in foliage, I couldn’t see anything beyond them. I realized how fortunate I was even to have these silo moments. A very few layers dissected from a thick bamboo shoot. Each of those layers had a deep impact on my soul. Life is mysterious but then not so mysterious. It stands like an open book, I realized that my inability to decipher the messages in ether was a part of the conundrum that my presence has created. Based on the very millions of actions done, shaping the very “me” as it stands today. As I was mongering through these waves, a voice pulled me out and brought me into the very land of the physical presence.

Kulvir Kaur was looking for me, my class-fellow. Kulvir needed my notes from the previous class that I had attended. She didn’t attend the class which is all I know. I gave her my notes without looking at her and started to sip my tea. She wished me Fateh and walked away. I kept on staring at the poster on the wall that read “Shootout at Wadalla”- another gangster movie. Somehow I have been very impressed with movies with people standing up for their rights or those of the others. Am not sure whether this was one of them. Perhaps not, not sure, if I will see it. Why do I like this concept of protecting the downtrodden or perhaps its inherent in everyone.

My mum once jokingly mentioned that our family was dyed into this concept. Never could understand that…never wanted to find I feel like asking her..but I can’t seem to locate her, it was just like yesterday when she did my joora and kissed me on my forehead. She was my epitome of love. Today she comes like a glistening light. Once in a while with words of wisdom. Can’t forget the day when I waited to see the last ember cool down on her crematorium.

Had another sip and looked at my watch, it was 3:15pm IST. Time for my next class. Later…


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