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Twenty year old woman was kidnapped, tortured, rapeded and her hair cutt by a Hindu Gujjar family

ln Capital city Delhi have 1342.5 crime with ratlast 3 year 68.45 growth rate. The NCRB report, showed that police stations across the city registered 245,844 cases under different sections of the IPC in last year. I n absolute numbers, Delhi reported the maximum cases of rape 967 in all 19 cities. However, in terms of crime rate, Jaipur topped the cities with 1.3 cases of rape per million population.

That why NCRB data issued on Tuesday. According to the data, Delhi is the most unsafe city for women. Nearly 10,000 cases of crimes against women were registered in the national capital last year.

Capital Never changed its character for girl it had always been the same, the nurturer of the rapists. Her rape identity was deliberately hidden by the punjabi media, if she had been from other world whole media would have gone extra miles to condemn the brutality.

areind Kejriwal want replace punjab according delhi model. But in Panjab have never harboured such rotten mentality. Punjab don't need dehli model .rate

236.8 236.8 crime campare to Delhi.The NCRB's latest data under “Crime in India-2020” has revealed that the year continues to be dominated by the cases registered against those who committed “crime against the state”, as such FIRs doubled in Punjab to 70 from 35 in 2019.

But in punjab The liberals, seculars and feminists who couldn't control their outraging emotions when girl delivered justice by executing the culprit of Beadbi, where are they now? Where is their outrage?

Where Kejriwal who run peace march on punjab road but never speak on this incident

No one fake feminist tweet about this . punjab media who watch othe people bedroom why dont run single headline about this rape .but remember

Sheep’s & Puppets of Political parties speak up, otherwise one of these day this fire will burn your own house.

Nothing has changed for in Delhi India, absolutely nothing…..



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