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  • Shamsher singh

The silence of the Liberals Sikh's is more dangerous than the opposition

If the Sikhs had just slapped anyone in Punjab for being part of sacrilege, then all the Liberal media like The Wire, News Laundry, The Quint, NDTV would have come to the spot first and found out the caste of both the parties. Then would have gone to lengths to write fabricated stories by defaming Sikhs for caste discrimination.

They would have fed the Hindutva bloggers, YouTubers and Twitter users with venom to contribute to the vilification of Sikhs. But now, no Liberal in Delhi dares to name the caste of Hindus who had raped a Sikh girl. Are the rapists Dalits or Gujjars? The Punjabi media has gagged itself on showing its concerns for Kejriwal. Many web journalists have been promised to be appointed as OSD by Bhagwant Mann. There was never any expectation from Hindu nationalist media. Still, even the liberal, secular and Congress media have turned a blind eye towards the rape of a Sikh woman in Delhi, imparting their silent consent. All the people in this picture are the ones who have justified the grooming of a 12-year-old Sikh girl. Now, none of them has spoken. Is the dignity and justice of a Sikh girl cheaper than the double standards of Kejriwal's government and Liberals? #mehkmapanjabi #ਮਹਿਕਮਾ_ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

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