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-NAVNEET KAUR It has come to notice that a number of accounts have been withheld in order to fulfill the Indian government demands to block and deactivate the twitter accounts that have been establishing truth against them. They are being withheld by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and in a recent report it has been reported that 62 accounts have been withheld already which have an inclusion of some high profile leaders and others too.

The accounts of the prominent leaders and others have been deactivated by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in order to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of the country. However, the accounts are still viewable in other countries having different IP addresses. In a recent blog post by Twitter stating the reason for withholding the accounts “We have withheld a portion of the accounts identified in the blocking orders under our Country Withheld Content policy within India only. These accounts continue to be available outside of India. Because we do not believe that the actions we have been directed to take are consistent with Indian law, and, in keeping with our principles of defending protected speech and freedom of expression”.

Twitter has been considered a platform where you are freely supposed to deliver your thoughts, ideas without the judgemental issues of anyone. But taking such an action against the accounts being talking about the happenings and the dirty politics being played in India along with the biased news being published over on the Indian Media Channels. Deep Sidhu who was an Indian actor, barrister and an activist who had been always standing for the truth and the right ones. He joined Indian Politics in 2019 and during the farmers’ protest, his photos with Sunny Deol and Narendra Modi were used by the Farmer Unions in order to connect the relations of BJP and RSS. Further he was also arrested in the case to create violence at Red Fort on 9th February, 2020. Other than this, he also campaigned for Simrantjit Singh Mann and later on when died in the road accident, his twitter account was shut down as there were a number of tweets against the Indian Government.

During the Farmers’ Protest, an innumerable amount of accounts were withheld in India in response to which various supporters of the protest came together to get the accounts recovered. Out of which, one was of the famous singer JazzyB as he was supporting the protest and tweeting to get the farm laws back from the Central Government. Also, his account cannot be viewed uptill now.

Around 62 twitter accounts were withheld during the farmers’ protest as there were a number of supporters supporting the peaceful protest and to get the farm laws back established by the Central government. Not only this, a number of accounts can be seen being withheld in India during the starting week of June as it depicts the Sikh Massacre 1984 and seeking for justice over the twitter with tagging a lot of other Politicians.

Is India worried about the truth being published over the platform or is it because of the fake politics being played at every step? Recently, our Sikh Lounge account was withheld in India which has been delivering the news related to the Sikhs and the happenings all around the world. As after removal of the restrictions, the account has been allowed to be viewed in India.

Many other accounts have been withheld as they have been promoting the Khalistan Movement and urging to form a new country for them. These things should be taken into consideration by the Indian Government and they should not run from the truth.