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Sikh Boy name joban Become solo pilot at the age of 16

Ottawa - While the Sikh community has Holding High flag in different areas in the country and abroad, the Canadian citizen, Japgobind Singh, an Amritdhari Sikh associated with Jalandhar district of Punjab, became a solo pilot at the age of 16

, adding a glorious page in the history of Canada. The pride of the Sikh community has increased even more. Although Japgobind is not yet old enough to get a car driving license in Ontario, Transport Canada has issued him a pilot's license. With which Japgobind Singh's dream has not only been fulfilled, but the youth has also received guidance and has also received the guru to succeed in life by putting their abilities in the right direction after hard work. Japgobind Singh has achieved this success after many years of hard work. Japgobind prepared to become a pilot in B.C. started from

After training in Alberta and Ontario completed the last training in Quebec. Japgobind has been an honor roll student since the beginning.

Apart from mathematics, music, history and science competitions, Japgobind has also bagged first positions in robotics competitions. Recently received International Award Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver medal. Khalsa School Surrey and Guru Angad Dev Elementary School Surrey B.C. After receiving his primary education from Japgobind Singh completed his graduation from St. Michael's High School. Now Japgobind has been offered a scholarship in Aero Space Engineering by the University of Ottawa. Even studying at university at the age of 16 is a huge achievement in itself. Along with gatka, kirtan and tabla, Japagobind has a special interest in sports. Apart from his school soccer team, Japgobind also plays in the Eastern Ontario District Soccer League.



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