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  • Shamsher singh

Nihang Pastor Clash: Hidden Agenda of Pastor's

The Nihung Singhs had complained to the authorities’ multiple times. Finally, they gathered at Majitha Road in Dadduana Village where a conversion program was being held by the so called “Christian” pastors. Every wrong method in the book is being adopted by these Indian pastors to convert ignorant and poor Sikhs to Christianity, which is what they had gathered to oppose.



onically, the pastors are doing all the things that are forbidden by the Vatican City and other sects of Christianity. The thousands of women and men who perform witchcraft and miracles have been blamed by the Church for the last 500 years of its history. Even in the current era they claim to treat various diseases by sorcery practices, but the church chooses to turn their backs and remain silent.

On the other hand, there is a Magic Practice Act in India according to which, the claim of curing incurable diseases by magic and miracles is declared illegal. Such acts cannot be performed or publicized, still they are happening openly and even the administration chooses to remain silent. Every third day one can find such monks or saints surrounding a village in Punjab, why do the comrades remain silent on such an issue? Why did the Indian government limit all the emphasis against the propaganda of Muslims and not also the propaganda of the Christians?

Have they all been prevented from doing so by the international Christian lobby?

As far as preaching is concerned, every Christian, every Muslim, every Hindu, every Sikh, and every comrade has the right to preach their faith. But the preaching of these Christian pastors is the preaching of Christianity under a hidden agenda. It is a concerted effort that is going on with the help of the administration. Whatever it is that is happening is not good for the people.

Nihungs Mejor singh Tarna Dal reached the site of the conversions and questioned the sorcery that was going on, the preachers had to run away. Many reports had already been lodged earlier but all had gone on deaf ears. Finally, the Sikh youths had to counter these pastors. It was long awaited and late decision by the public. But it was taken rightly.

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