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Nadala(Punjab) resident Kuldeep Singh's daughter is currently in Ukraine

The family asked the Indian government\NGO for help Nadala, 24 February

Parents of children who went to study in Ukraine after the Russian invasion are worried. Nadala resident Kuldeep Singh and his wife are deeply concerned and have demanded from the Indian government that their children be brought back safely.

After finding out about this, the Jagran representative went to their house and tried to find out the whole conversation. He was getting emotional again and again while talking. He said that one of his daughters is from New Zealand. The second daughter, Komalpreet Kaur, had gone to Ukraine about two and a half years ago. And is currently preparing for the final semester of MBBS studies in an empty city. He has papers for the month of June. On September 15, she returned to Ukraine from India after taking a few days off. About 15 days ago he got a call that the situation was getting worse. Send money, he has to return to the country.

For long corporate media has presented Tatas in bright patriotic colours. Recently Tatas purchased Indian Airlines. When students stucked up in Ukraine need it, Tatas have increased fares 3 times. Many are not even able to afford it. Profiteering in crisis! What a great patriotism!

He sent the money immediately, and Betty had a February 28 return ticket. But before that, Russia invaded Ukraine. The daily bombardment and the roar of tanks in the city have created panic in the minds of children. The government there asked the people to protect themselves. He is currently hiding in an underground metro station with many children. Airports are destroyed.

There is no way to get home safely. Deeply concerned, Kuldeep Singh and Ranjit Kaur appealed to the

Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make arrangements for the safe return of their children. He also appealed to former MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira for help.



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