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  • Parneet Kaur

Mass Shootings - Where Arm Control and Ethnicity Stand Today

“Some say, deep in their hearts they’re convinced that a colonization that doesn't end in a seditious movement and massacres is not a successful colonization. Perhaps they’re right, in a way.”

How many massacres, mass killings, genocides and civilian causalities are left to prove that we’re nothing but lab rats of the unlimited inhumane quotient that has filled the ‘paavum’ mind which was once created for global tranquility and compassion? The cold blooded numbness of violence that has clouded the long lost guiltless wellbeing has overpowered the contentment that is deserved by everyone. We are now living in the era of ruthlessness, narcissism and Machiavellianism where the cruelty and horrendous behavior of the mankind is becoming a second nature of the society.

You really think I am talking extra or being too negative, mate? If so, you have successfully become the victim of the ‘toxic positivity’. You can't just turn a blind eye to the screams of the family members of nine people who died after a public transit employee opened fire on co-workers at a Northern California rail yard on Wednesday. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office confirmed seven people died at the scene. Two others were taken to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose where they later succumbed to their injuries. What did Taptejdeep Singh and his 8 other colleagues who were shot at sight, do to deserve and suffer such gut wrenching violence? The government and the public might express sorrow or offer condolences, but can anyone really compensate the nervous shock caused to those who are grieving? No one actually can bring back the sons, daughters, fathers, mothers or the spouses, respectively of the bereaving families.

Let me tell you, violence is not an acquired trait. It's neither an observational skill nor a pick up thing. It gets embedded in a person’s mind through various routes. The most twisted one would be the lack of mental health awareness. YES! People who tend to enjoy or gain pleasure from the sight or perhaps violence itself do show the traits of mental illness. It might be because of negligent parenting or other reasons. Anxieties about insanity and gun violence are also imbued with oft-unspoken apprehensions about race, politics, and the unequal distribution of vehemence in society. Media reports often assume a twofold distinction between mild and severe mental illness, and connect the latter form to impulsiveness and lack of self-control. But this too is a trigger warning to the society which if left undiscussed will cause havoc in the future! Arm control alone won’t prevent such social mishaps, educating on such issues will, and here the buck stops at the NGOs, government agencies and education system.

Another big reason for such violence inflicted by some disturbed beings is the lack of education on racial stratifications. Racism is a form of both visible and invisible violence. The hatred of the physicality, cultures and identities of “othered” groups is a global phenomenon. A very recent and relevant case of this would be Parmjit Singh who was murdered in Dallas, Texas, at his place of business on 5 May, 2021. He was a sufferer of a ‘senseless ‘open fire. The idea of ‘black sheep' which must have crossed the shooter’s mind is pivotal to investigate. Would he have committed the same catastrophic mistake if he was educated enough to understand and duly respect the existence of different ethnicities? A stern yes! Educating people about the existence of racism from a very young age can inflict some sort of awareness in them which would actually be a big step towards the eradication of discrimination. Also, states making more and more ethnic friendly policies would save further victims of physical and mental racial slurs and no family would crumble like Paramjit Singh’s did. HE CLEARLY DID NOT DESEVE THIS .

Now that we have discussed the elephant in the room, we can still hope for the silver lining, which is, maybe lost in the storm. It is necessary to raise the voice of the need for the sympathetic people in today’s egocentric and consumerist civilization. The places of responsibility should not be forgotten. We can do much better with a little encouragement, and in the long run, big hurdles can be overcome.

Youth have a great role to play in preventing violence. Their major role should be aimed at upholding and endorsing international peace, security, and concentrating on prevention rather than deferred interpositions.

They may be targeted for exercising their human rights but that should not haze their affirmations. This surely will go a long way in framing the positive action plans to end violence and grow their potential for peace, justice, development, and mutual respect.


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bavinder singh
bavinder singh
Jun 01, 2021

Great piece of writing 👍

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