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  • Gurpreet Singh

Is Dad Tired ? Dad am 40 today & I realize that I am not much different than you

Updated: May 18, 2021

6tth July 2014: Stamford, Connecticut: Honey you’ll be late for the bus. Dad I have a game tonight, remember?

Dad I need a check for baseball camp. Honey we have a teacher’s conference tonight so don’t get too comfortable.

Dad will you bring me to my piano lesson? Dad can you help me with my homework?

Dad it’s Bring Your Child to Work Day tomorrow. Dad don’t forget to pick me up after basketball practice today.

Dad the dog threw up on your sneakers! Dad the toilet keeps running.

Dad I need money for a new bike. Dad I need money for a prom dress.

Dad does that look like a bug bite? Dad you promised to take me for a driving lesson. Dad I think I’m going to be sick. Dad can you come to my class and tell them what you do for a living?

Dad there is a noise in the car. Dad there is a monster under my bed.

Dad this is Sukh my new boyfriend. Dad where are we going on vacation?

Dad why did my fish die? Dad I need new track shoes.

Dad I had a little accident with the car. Dad I failed chemistry.

Dad I need to tell you something. Dad it’s only a broken leg.

Dad it was only one drink. Dad the toilet is stuffed again.

Dad you ran over my turtle! Dad why can’t my room be painted black?

Dad can I get a tattoo? Dad can I have a car?

Dad, Mom said if you say it’s OK I can go.

Dad the dog bit the mailman. Dad I think I’m pregnant.

Dad can you drive us to the mall? Dad I’m scared.

Dad I signed up and I’m going into the Marines! Dad when I get older do I have to go to church on Sunday?

Dad I’m sorry, it was a stupid mistake.

Dad I hate you!

Dad I’m going to marry that girl. Dad I’ll be out in six months.

Dad can I borrow the car tonight? Dad I promise I won’t do it again.

Dad it’s only a speeding ticket. Dad we won the game!

Dad it’s snowing again. Dad can I take the first shot?

Dad can we get a boat? Dad what’s that smell?

Dad I love you. Mom, why is Dad so tired?

ALl the things that dad has to do to survive.



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