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Golden Gurudwaras Create Golden Chance

A gurudwara found in Samrat Nagar will use the gold it has collected in the past 5 decades to create hospitals and colleges of medicine to contribute to the region's lack of medical industries. This gurudwara, named Nanded Gurudwara, is one of the first gurudwaras to use its funding to create new hospitals and medical colleges in its region. This charitable contribution will not only assist the people residing in Samrat Nagar, it will also hopefully start a precedent for other gurudwaras to follow. If gurudwaras in India, and worldwide, follow in Nanded Gurudwara's footsteps, then many regions may see an encouraging increase in local hospitals and scholarly institutions. These institutions can and will enrich local regions and the individuals residing in these regions. Let us encourage our local gurudwaras to follow in the footsteps of Nanded Gurudwara and follow in the footsteps of our Sikh ideals.

"Nanded Gurudwara To Use All Gold Collected over Last 50 Years for Construction of Hospitals and Medical Colleges:

True to the perception of the community being large-hearted, Sikh organizations have been offering all kinds of aid over the last one year during the pandemic crisis. In yet another heart-warming move, Nanded’s Gurudwara Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib, one of the five takhts of Sikhism, has announced that it will release all its gold collected over the past five decades for the construction of hospitals and medical institutions.

Takht Jathedar Sant Baba Kulwant Singh announced the decision, saying that currently people from Nanded have to run to Hyderabad or Mumbai for treatment. He asserted that such hospitals be built here (Nanded) so that people would have to come from other states to get treatment.

He said, “We have put a lot of gold on buildings and Gurdwaras. Now we should make and ready Gursikhs...the schools should provide excellent education and the Gursikhs should hold high positions...such that Sri Kalgidhar Patshah will be pleased seeing the Khalsa reach these positions. It is my thinking that a hospital or medical college should be built.”

The Sikh temple from Maharashtra is setting a fine example of selfless service for other religious organizations to take a cue. There is lot to learn from the Sikh community which teaches us that sevadharma (religion)."

Article and Author Credit: Moneylife Digital Team

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A Singh
May 23, 2021

This is a great suggestion. More Gurdwaras should join in. If all Gurdwaras would adopt this the dynamics of our welfare system will change.

The Sikh Lounge
The Sikh Lounge
May 23, 2021
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