• Shamsher singh

GNDU: Students’ gathering for Rights overshadowed by police presence 2/8/2022

Students of GNDU, today, called a gathering at University’s Gurudwar Sahib to discuss student issues. University deployed a heavy security force and a large number of Police force was present outside the Gurudwara.

Students and Research Scholars passed 10 resolutions and formed a Students Action Committee to pursue the struggle. Resolutions passed by students:

1. The Swaroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib should be kept with due respect and proper Maryada at the Library's Rare

Book Section.

2. GNDU’s fee should be equivalent to Punjabi University’s fee.

3. Sitting capacity of the Library should be maintained at the ratio of one fifth to the total number of University students.

4. Representatives of the Research Scholar Union should be re-elected democratically.

5. Car tags should be issued to Research Scholars.

6. University should conduct Student Elections in a transparent manner so that students can raise their voice through elected representatives.

7. A Review Committee with students’ participation should be constituted to review the issues like fine, late fee, short attendance etc.

8. Seminar halls should be freely available to students for organising lectures or other social activities.

9. No parking fee should be imposed on students and Entry of Bullet bike should be allowed like other two wheelers.

10. All students of Social Science departments should be allowed to attempt entrance and general exams in their mother language.

National Student Union of India, Student Organisation of India, Student Organization Sath, United Sikh Student Federation, All India Student Federation, Students for Society, Chandar Shekhar Azad Student Organisation took part in this gathering. University has witness such a gathering after a long time. Students’ Action Committee includes the names of Harmanpreet Singh, Sahilpreet Singh, Sangeet Singh, Gurwinder Singh, Lovepreet Singh.