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Fourth stage cancer patient, got a new life at Darbar Sahib Amritsar

Gurwinder Kaur, a resident of Amritsar and a fourth stage cancer patient, got a new life through Guru Ram Das ji. He got treatment from all the renewed hospitals but the doctors said that maximum 2 months of life is left. During this time Gurvinder's skin was also damaged.

Gurwinder Kaur and her family had immense faith in Guru Ram Das Ji, so they kept Akhand Path Sahib at Sri Darbar Sahib and continued to attend Guru Ram Das Ji's with devotion. Gurwinder's youngest daughter also prayed to Guru Sahib for her mother which was accepted.

Today, Gurwinder Kaur has recovered from stage IV cancer and is putting all these developments in front of the people whose videos have gone viral. Gurwinder is a well known chef and also a social activist

She said it was kirpa of guru gobind singh jio

Photo credit : the great Amritsar time



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