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  • A Singh

Espionage and Covert Operations – from Australia, Europe to Canada

The release of documents by Australian police this week, revealing Hindu supremacists' involvement in temple wall defacement, contradicts Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's earlier claims of Sikh separatist involvement.

This incident is part of a broader pattern, as the Modi government has intensified its spying operations on foreign soil, particularly in developed countries.


India’s Narendra Modi government has intensified its nefarious spying operations on foreign soil, especially in the developed world, from Australia through Europe to Canada.

In 2019, two Indian citizens living in Germany were found guilty of spying on Kashmiris and Sikhs for India's intelligence agency. The couple was sentenced to suspended jail terms and large fines.


Now that India’s suspected espionage and the Soviet-style covert operations are now being taken up to the G7, the liberal international community must also take into account the potentially bigger scale of such clandestine activities.


Paramjit Singh is a freelance writer, avid reader, content creator and travels all over Asia. Currently lives in Virginia. His twitter handle is @ParamjeetT42915

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