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Bhai Mani singh ji

Bhai Mani Singh Ji, a Sikh scholar and martyr, was the second Jathedar of the Akal Takht and the third Granthi of Harmandir Sahib after Bhai Gurdas Ji. He was originally called Mani Ram,, and was the son of Rao Mai Das of Alipur and Madri Bai.

Bhai Sahib Ji was a childhood companion of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was initiated into the Khalsa at the very first Amrit Sanchar conducted by the Guru Ji in March 1699. Soon after that, Guru Ji sent Bhai Sahab ji to Amritsar to take charge of Sri Harmandir Sahib , which had been without a custodian since 1696.

Bhai Sahib Ji took control and steered the course of Sikh destiny at a critical stage in Sikh history. When he could not pay the 5000 rupees to Zakaria Khan of Lahore as permission to hold Bandi Chor Diwas and Diwali, he was taken to Lahore in chains and was ordered to convert to Islam.

Refusing to give up his Sikh faith, he was ordered death by dismemberment. When the executioner started to begin with his wrists, Bhai Mani Singh Ji sincerely reminded the executioner of the sentence, asking him to start at the joints in his hands.

Bhai Mani Singh Ji was executed at Nakhaas Chowk , Lahore in December 1738 at the age of 94. The Nakhaas Chowk has since been known as Shaheed Ganj - the place of martyrdom . The nature of his death in which Bhai Sahab Ji was dismembered joint by joint has become a part of the daily Sikh Ardas ( prayer ).



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